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Tact Peppergrass oil

- General tonic in cases of fatigue and nervous breakdown because it contains a lot of minerals. Externally: it is useful for hemorrhoids, boils and vitiligo.

- Essential oil called Chris Oil - Gluckosid - Gyekutrawlin - squalene compound - an anti-bacterial and anti-tumor - Alpinzal Aizutayo cyanide compound which inhibits cancer in animals and it is believed it has the same effect on human beings – peppergrass is the richest plant in iodine mineral in addition to iron, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

-Peppergrass oil is a general tonic and aperitif.
- Tonic which is used in cases of fatigue, body degeneration, tension and nervous breakdown. Take a teaspoon every day, for 30 days because it vitaminizes and stimulates immunity.
-It preserves youth and delays aging effects through cell and tissue rejuvenating compounds.
-It is useful for treating skin diseases such as, eczema, boils ,skin allergies and scabies. Apply peppergrass oil and take a teaspoon every day.
-It is useful for treating bleeding hemorrhoids.
-It vitaminizes hair and prevents hair loss and preserves softness and luster.
- Some studies have indicated its effectiveness in treating vitiligo and leprosy. It Is used internally and externally.

- A teaspoon every day for two weeks.

Warning: Do not use for more than two weeks.