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Tact Cumin oil

-Cumin oil contains Alcolminal which is useful for digestive system, kidney and gall bladder stones mixed with Jojoba oil. Apply for treating testicle swelling  and hemorrhoids.

-Alcolminal and Alcolminol. Cumin oil also contains oxygenic acids, some of which are Benin , Dipantin and Vilanidrin

The most important uses: 
Digestive system: 
• Intestinal flatulence
• Gas expellant
• Colic relief 
• Digestive cramps and stomach ache 
• Appetizing 
• Treatment for hemorrhoids 
• Renal colic 
• Kidney pain 
• Disintegration of kidney stones and gallbladder stones. 
• Migraine 
• Headache
- Relief for stomach ache for adults, children and babies (a few drops with food or milk or water) 
-It is useful for treating testicle swelling  mixed with 10 volumes of Jojoba oil by applying it on affected place.
-It is useful for treating  rheumatic chest by applying it on affected place.

Internally: a tablespoon for adults. A  teaspoon for children over  two years. It has no side effects. For infants, add a few drops to milk or extend it with water by 1 to 5. A few drops are taken to get rid of colic.
-Externally: apply after mixing with Jojoba oil. Apply twice every day for  treating  rheumatism, or testicle swelling  or for treating hemorrhoids.

Mixture and method of use:
-It treats ear secretions
-It is used after enema 
-It removes anus heat
-It treats tooth decay
-It treats wounds and burns. Apply after mixing it with cumin oil and honey. 
-It treats respiratory diseases, asthma and cough (1 mm cumin oil + 1 mm of Anise oil + 1 mm thyme oil +10 mm Khatmiya oil).