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Tact Hawthorn Oil


Hawthorn oil contains oligomeric procyanidins, flavonoids (vitexin-rhamnoside, hyperoside, rutin), chlorogenic and caffeic acid, as well as triterpenes.


Hawthorn oil is used at the time being for treatment and prevention cardiovascular diseases. It dates back to the seventeenth century. Today, hawthorn is an official drug in the Pharmacopoeias of Brazil, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, and Switzerland. As a measure of its incredible popularity, it is an ingredient of 213 commercial European herbal formulas, mostly for the cardiovascular system

Hawthorn oil can increase blood flow to the heart muscle itself, helping to counteract one of the most common modern causes of death in industrial countries--heart attack due to lack of blood flow to the heart. In pharmacological tests on both animals and humans, hawthorn has been shown to improve the contractility of the heart muscle (which can lead to a stronger pumping action of the heart), increase cardiac performance and output, lower the peripheral vascular resistance (reducing the workload of the heart), steady the heartbeat (antiarrhythmic effect), as well as increasing the heart's tolerance to oxygen deficiency, such as might happen during stress or excitement, or in diseases where the arteries are partially blocked

In Europe, thousands of doctors prescribe hawthorn to prevent cardiovascular disease or to help alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate problems. It is considered so safe that it is sometimes prescribed concurrently with heart medications such as digitalis. Hawthorn is also considered a mildly calming herb to the nervous system--an appropriate bonus considering that stress and nervousness often accompany cardiovascular problems

Hawthorn oil is the first, besides Tact  garlic oil, that should be added to one's daily dietary regimen when there is any suspicion of problems of cardiovascular disease. If one has a family member who has heart or vascular problems, or for people eating a diet that includes moderate to high levels of fat (especially from dairy products or red meat), or are stressing or using stimulants (such as coffee), hawthorn is an excellent protector

The oil can be taken long-term, is very safe, and will not interfere with any medications, according to the official European Community monograph (ESCOP) on hawthorn. The daily dose is 2-4 dropperfuls , morning and evening