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Home > Tact Oils > Tact Vitex agnus-castus oil

Tact Vitex agnus-castus oil

Vitex agnus-castus also called Ibraham shrub, or monk shrub and so she called the Flower of Jericho,

Benefits of Vitex agnus-castus herb :

Stimulates the pituitary gland so it restores hormonal balance to many of body members .

Increases milk for lactating women. Needs to be taken after 5-10 days of giving birth if the milk flow is slow

Tonic for uterus muscles so it helps to give birth a lot and it is named accordingly the herb of labor because of compounds that acts to boost the function of progesterone hormone in the body.

Reduces and inhibits the thyroid gland stimulating hormone (TSH) so, it is prescribed in case of TSH hormone increase.

Stimulates the production of LH hormone stimulation. Therefore, they limit the harmful effects of estrogen hormone on body.

Taking the extract of Vitex agnus-castus fruit removes chronic constipation caused by hormonal imbalance in the body to especially after birth.

Treats and prevents cystic or the presence of scars that may occur on the muscles of uterus, or even in endometrium lining which are a major cause of sterility for some women

Because of its effect on body hormones balance, taking Vitex agnus-castus prevents early abortion in the first three months of pregnancy especially for women who had abortion repeatedly.

It is also useful in treatment of acne, which is distressing for both sexes at adolescence and adulthood age 15-21

Vitex agnus-castus useful in the following cases: overflow of menstrual blood, uterus shrinking, colic, indigestion, pain of menstrual-menstrual cycle, repeated cases of bleeding at frequent intervals less than a week, or no bleeding in the usual time delayed menstruation, and cases of vesiculation and conglomeration of endometrium, and cases of menopause interruption, it also works as an antidote to increase prolactin hormone (breast milk) proportion in blood milk they are useful for both sexes in this case.


It was used on a large scale, one of the most important herbs for regulation of female hormones by increasing generation of progesterone. Vitex agnus-castus helps in balancing ovary production of estrogen and progesterone during the menstruation

 A lot of Europeans and Americans herbalists prescribe Vitex agnus-castus to treat menstrual problems ranging from premenstrual syndrome and many of the symptoms that are accompanied by and between irregular menstruation or its absence.

Previous menstrual syndrome and menstrual herb should be taken for several months to get the desired interest rates that are often important. It reduces flatulence and pain of swollen breasts and agitation and depression.

Recently, the research on Vitex agnus-castus plant for more than thirty years, and especially in Germany and Britain. It was clear from this research that the fruits or Vitex agnus-castus plant have distinct hormonal effect on body and it is believed that Vitex agnus-castus plant has anti-effect of entrogen generating and inhibitis androgens of male sexual hormones, An experience conducted in Germany in 1989 reported that Vitex agnus-castus has generating effect of progesterone and works on the pituitary gland that regulates the menstruation, and some experiments showed that Vitex agnus-castus plant has great significance in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome as well as increasing fertility and it helps to regulate irregular menstruation  whereas it tends to shorten long menstruation cycle and lengthen short menstruation cycle.

Plant Vitex agnus-castus is important in the treatment of other problems that can be associated with menstrual cycle, such as migrane and acne. It can also help Vitex agnus-castus some women seeking pregnancy if the infertility is due to low levels of progesterone.

The research also reported that Vitex agnus-castus is used to generate milk when breast-feeding also helps during pregnancy.

Vitex agnus-castus used in folk medicine for cases of dystocia to accelerate birth, and for fertility.It is used also in treatment of colds for children.It is also used to treat stomach problems, folk doctors also benefits eyes affected with ophthalmia. Facilitates birth and can be used for this purpose safely.

Dosage: a small spoon in the morning and in the evening is recommended