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Tact Myrrh oil

For cases of chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, and dyspnea. Stimulates mucous membranes, helps in treatment of cystitis, dysmenorrhea, stomach and intestinal ulcers, use Myrrh oil at 2-3 teaspoons a day.

For sound purity, and removes hoarseness.

For wound, skin ulcer, and pimples disinfection

For bleeding gums and gums ulcers, sore throat: Myrrh oil is used for mouth gargling.

For treatment of herpes: Myrrh oil mixed with vinegar is used topically.

Fortifies stomach, and menopause cases

For rheumatic pain, sprains, sores, burns, skin infections Myrrh oil is used topically.

Prevents smell of sweat

It can be taken to treat anemia, cystitis, and gas repellent, and as appetizing, relieves colic, and pain relief.

Myrrh oil is used externally on wounds, chronic ulcers, or topical application for hemorrhoids.

Myrrh oil has signigficant property as anti bacterial and anti microbic so use to disinfect wounds and skin ulcers.

Dosage: one teaspoon is recommended