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Tact Colocynth oil

-Colocynth oil contains glycosides , resin materials , pectin , Soaps. It is a strong laxative, blood sugar  depressant, diuretic, pain relief of headache, sciatica , arthrititis, gout, back pain, leprosy and earache.

-Resin materials such as, Alastrulol and Alalttiarin - bitter materials such as, Kolsntin acid and caffeine acid derivatives and Allorgenik acid - fixed oils and soap materials.
- A new compound has been discovered called cucurbitane triterpenoids. It significantly affects blood sugar and burns white fat.
-Colocynth seeds contain fixed oils.

- It is a treatment for constipation, fevers and dropsy.
- Intestinal anthelmintic and pain relief.
- A diuretic, but if large quantity is taken, it leads to intestinal inflammation.
-For breast abscess and finger paronychia, use a topical poultice.
-Apply Colocynth oil for burns and as an abortion vaginal injection.
-It is a treatment for arthritis, sciatica, leprosy, tumors and alopecia.
-It contains alkaline which has laxative effect .
-It is a strong laxative.
-It treats some skin diseases.

Internally: half a teaspoon should be taken every day. Observe blood sugar level if you have diabetes to avoid a sudden blood sugar decline.
-Externally: apply a sufficient quantity of colocynth oil on affected place every day.