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Tact Coriander oil

-Coriander oil is used for digestive problems and gallbladder stones. It is a tonic for liver.

-volatile oil. Its most important compounds are Allinalol - Alborinol - Barracayman -It also contains camphor , limonene , Algiranjol , Alvapatten Kmarenyat oils and fats - flavonoids - and minerals such as, potassium - calcium - magnesium - iron and vitamin C

Internal use:
- Recent studies have proved that coriander seeds are anti-inflammatory effective in several cases. It also contains an antioxidant, and inhibitor of cancer cell growth.
- It is used for digestive problems as a treatment for swells, indigestion, gas and abdominal colic. It soothes intestinal spasms. It is anti-anorexia.
-It increases yellow. It is used in cases of gallbladder inflammation and stones. It is a tonic for liver.
-In cases of enteritis, diarrhea. It is anti ameba in particular.
- It is useful in cases of pre-menstruation and tension accompanied with menopause.

External use:
-It treats sores, wounds and abscesses 
-For treating muscle spasms and  joint inflammation.
-It treats insomnia and tension. A  tablespoon of coriander oil before going to sleep.
-It treats hair loss

- Apply on topical infections and fractures.
- Coriander oil contains volatile oil (Allinalol)

-Internally: 2-3 teaspoon every day for two weeks.

-Externally: apply on skin.